TV Installation

  Leave the TV installation to the professionals. We have a certified installation team in every major U.S City (and surrounding areas) ready to help.

Let us take care of the details that you like the least and use your time for something you enjoy.

Basic TV Setup - $149
tv installation with tv stand

This TV installation service is perfect for clients desiring an innovative LED, Plasma, or LCD installation on a tabletop, stand or entertainment center.

Deluxe On The Wall Installation - $249
deluxe on the wall tv installation

The Deluxe On The Wall Installation is ideal for renters who can not have wires fished in the wall or for clients who have a prepped wall with the wires in place.

Premium On The Wall Installation $349
premium on the wall tv installation

The Premium On The Wall Installation is the ideal LCD, Plasma, or LED installation package for clients that desire a clean design with in-wall wire concealment.